Power Cut Once Again to Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant

The Chernobyl nuclear plant has once again suffered a loss of electrical power just one day after power was restored to the damaged nuclear facility.

The power cut has once again raised fears that 22,000 spent radioactive fuel assemblies that are stored at the site may be compromised, as the cooling system pumps which circulate cooling water are forced to run on a backup diesel generator with limited fuel capacity.

According a statement by Ukraine’s energy company Ukrenergo, Russian armed forces once again damaged a power lines to the plant on March 14. 

Ukrenergo said it will attempt additional repairs, but declined to provide a time-frame. Crews and staff at the facility are exhausted  and are no longer able to make repairs.

The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) said in a statement. “The Ukrainian regulator informed the IAEA that staff at (Chernobyl) were no longer carrying out repair and maintenance of safety-related equipment, in part due to their physical and psychological fatigue after working non-stop for nearly three weeks,'”

Russian forces have occupied the still dangerous and highly radioactive site shortly after they invading Ukraine on February 24.

Chernobyl, a decommissioned power plant, is the site of one of the world’s worst nuclear disasters. In 1986 an explosion and subsequent nuclear meltdown at the plant’s No. 4 reactor.

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