Over 40,000 Fighters in Syria Ready to Fight Russia’s War in Ukraine: Report

A human rights watchdog reported on Monday that over 40,000 Syrian fighters have filled out registration requests to fight Russia’s war in Ukraine, but said none of them took part in the fight so far.

The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights (SOHR) in a statement said that the official media in Damascus is busy mobilizing public opinion to support Russian President Vladimir Putin in his war on Ukraine.

“Registered fighters will go in exchange for financial incentives and great privileges, noting that no one has left Syria to fight in Ukraine so far,” Observatory Director Rami Abdel Rahman said.

Last week, Putin showed a green signal for those volunteers wishing to fight alongside Russian forces would be allowed to go to Ukraine. The Russian Defense Ministry had said more than 16,000 “volunteers” from Syria and the Middle East were ready to fight in Ukraine.

“Syrian militiamen belonging to the 25th Division of the regime’s army, headed by Suhail Al-Hassan, have started preparations to leave for Ukraine to fight for the Russians,” the Observatory added.

The Observatory also quoted reliable sources that the Palestine Liberation Army, some regime-backed Palestinian militias and militias of “Kata’eb Al-Baath” (Al-Baath Battalion) have also started to register members wishing to fight in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, people in regime-controlled areas have organized public rallies to support Putin in his war in Ukraine. They also carried posters of Putin and Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to show support to Russia.

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