Chinese Government Locks Down Shenzen and Surrounding Provinces Amid Huge COVID-19 Spike

China’s major tech hub Shenzhen has been put under lockdown along with the provinces of Dalian, Nanjing, and Tianjin due to rising daily COVID-19  caseloads.

On Monday alone, China logged a total of 1,437 confirmed COVID-19 cases nationwide with 86 from Shenzen alone. 

Out of Shenzen’s 86 cases, 26 were imported cases with 24 from Hong Kong.

The National Health Commission added that 895 COVID-19cases were reported in Jilin, 92 in Shandong, 79 in Guangdong, 60 in Shaanxi, 51 in Hebei, 41 in Shanghai, 40 in Tianjin, 16 in Jiangsu, and 12 in Gansu.

“There have been many small-scale clusters in urban villages and factories. This suggests a high risk of community spread, and further precautions are still needed.,” said Shenzhen city official Huang Qiang.

All factories have been shut down and public transportation has been halted in Shenzen by Sunday night while movement in communities was restricted.

Mass testing drives were also conducted in key groups of people and communities while those who tested positive have been placed in quarantine. 

Dalian, Nanjing, and Tianjin have been placed in lockdown as well due to the high COVID-19 caseloads while Shanghai retained its strict health measures which have been in place since last week.

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