Ukraine’s Biggest Food Producers Warns Catastrophic Risk to Food Supply

Ukraine’s leading food supplier MHP on Sunday warned of a “catastrophic and enormous” impact around the world if it fails to continue its operation following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

John Rich, Executive Chairman of MHP said that consumers around the world will feel the “enormous impact” of Russia’s war on Ukraine through significant disruption to agricultural supply chains.

“We have concern for the vital planting season which is critical not only for Ukraine but also around the globe as we export huge quantities of grains and vegetable oil,” Rich added.

According to Rich it’s key to deliver its own products and other aid to the towns and villages as the Russia war made them isolated and some people spent up to five days without food.

“We’ve been delivering ready to eat food, because people can’t cook outside, and delivering to villages that have become cut off,” Rich said.

“At present, the company is operating like a war room. No question,” he explained.

“Frankly the drivers going into those areas – It’s like a suicide mission, particularly getting into the cities that have been under heavy attack.”

Rich also warned of “spiraling inflation” in the cost of wheat, corn and other commodities due to Russia’s war as well as drought and fragile economy due to COVID-19 pandemic.

Rich said that since the conflict, MHP has been pursuing humanitarian efforts from Slovenia, distributing food aid around Ukraine where millions of people have been displaced.

Meanwhile, the UN Food and Agriculture Organization has warned that up to 30% of crop areas in Ukraine will either not be planted or be un-harvested this year because of the conflict.

“Russia’s ability to export crops remains unclear because of the international sanctions, but the loss of export markets will hit the country’s farmers and lead to production declines,” the UN body said in its latest statement.

On February 24, Russia invaded Ukraine in which hundreds of people were killed and thousands others received injuries with millions others become displaced and took refugee to the neighboring countries.

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