American Journalist Shot and Killed by Russian Forces While Covering Russian War on Ukraine, Two Other Journalists Injured.

American Journalist Brent Renaud (51) was shot and killed and two other journalists was wounded by Russian forces near the Ukrainian city of Irpen north of the capital of Kyiv.

The wounded journalists, believed to be Renaud’s colleagues, were evacuated to a hospital in Kyiv and is currently undergoing surgery. His name has not been released.

The group of journalists were in a car in Irpen when Russian troops opened fire on their car at checkpoint as they attempted to film fleeing refugees.

Renaud is the first American to be killed in the war.

Renaud’s death was first announced on Facebook by Chief of the police in Kyiv region Andriy Nebitov.

“The invaders cynically kill even international media journalists who are trying to show the truth about the atrocities of Russian troops in  Ukraine. Today, a 51-year-old correspondent of the world-famous New York  Times media was shot dead in Irpen. Another journalist was wounded.  Currently, they are trying to take the victim out of the combat zone,” Nebitov wrote.

Renaud’s death was later confirmed by the New York Times in a statement.

“We are deeply saddened to hear of Brent Renaud’s death. Brent was a  talented photographer and filmmaker who had contributed to the New York Times over the years,” Mr Levy said in a statement shared on Twitter.

Preliminary reports incorrectly suggested that Renaud was on assignment for the New York Times because Renaud was wearing a New York Times Press Credential issued to him years prior. Cliff Levy, the New York Times’ deputy managing editor indicated that Renaud was not on  assignment for the paper.

It is not clear if Renaud was on assignment for a news outlet, or was in Ukraine independently. 

This is a developing story.

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