Ukrainian Intelligence Alleges Putin Planning Chernobyl False Flag Terrorist Attack

The Chief Directorate of Intelligence of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defence has alleged that the Kremlin is plotting a terrorist attack in Chernobyl to discredit the Ukrainian armed forces.

The Chief Directorate said that Putin may be desperate enough to conduct a false-flag attack after failing to make ground during the invasion.

“According to information available, Vladimir Putin has ordered the preparation of a terrorist attack on the Chornobyl nuclear power plant. The Russian-controlled Chornobyl nuclear power plant plans to create a man-made catastrophe, for which the occupiers will try to shift responsibility on Ukraine,” said the Directorate.

The directorate added that Russia was also collecting bodies of dead Ukrainian soldiers to use in the false flag attack and that Belarusian operatives will be joining. 

“For the imitation of the involvement of Ukrainian military in the crash on the CEC, the occupiers try to create fake “evidence” to confirm their version. In particular, in the area of Antonov airport in Gostomel, Russian car refrigerators were noticed, collecting the bodies of dead Ukrainian defenders. There is a probability that they will be issued for killed diversions in the CHAES zone,” added the directorate. 

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