Twitter Removes Russian Embassy Posts on Mariupol Hospital Bombing

Twitter removed posts by the Russian Embassy in London that claimed that the bombing of a children and maternity hospital in the Ukrainian city of Mariupol had been faked.

In one of the removed tweets, the Russian Embassy claimed that the hospital was “non-operational,” quoting an unfounded claim by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, and that it was being used by  “radicals.”

However, the hospital posted just last week on its Facebook page that it needed fuel to keep operations going.

The Russian Embassy also did not provide evidence that a far-right battalion of the Ukrainian army had taken over the hospital.

In another tweet, which has been removed, the Russian Embassy also claimed that beauty blogger Marianna Podgurskaya “played roles of both pregnant women” in photos at the scene.

However, Podgurskaya had released photos of her pregnancy on Instagram just last month.

A spokesperson for Twitter said that the tweets were “in violation of the Twitter Rules, specifically our Hateful Conduct and Abusive Behavior policies related to the denial of violent events.”

The claims, however, continue to circulate online despite the removal of the tweets.

Asked if British Prime Minister Boris Johnson would like social media platforms to shut down the Russian Embassy’s accounts, a spokesperson replied, “That’s obviously a matter for Twitter, but we’ve been clear that that is disinformation.”

The Russian Embassy account on Twitter remains active.

Twitter has not banned several accounts linked to government organizations, including Russian President Vladimir Putin’s official Twitter account.

However, Twitter has blocked content from Russian state-owned media, Russia Today and Sputnik, from across the European Union.

In response, Russia restricted access to Twitter.

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