Russia Exits Council of Europe

The Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced that the Russian Federation is no longer going to participate in the Council of Europe (CE).

According to the  Foreign Ministry, they are leaving the CE due to unfriendly relations with its members and bias against them. 

“Russia will not participate in the transformation by NATO and the EU obediently following them of the oldest European organization into another platform for incantations about Western superiority and narcissism,” said the Ministry. 

Head of the Russian delegation to PACE, Pyotr Tolstoy also accused the CE of being nothing more than a puppet and that it spreads Russophobia. 

Once Russia fully cuts ties with the CE, its citizens will not be able to apply to the ECHR.

Since Russia has not yet paid annual dues of €33 million to the CE, its membership is still unclear. 

The CE has not yet commented on Russia’s statements. 

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