Putin Discusses Ukraine Situation and International Relations with Lukashenko

Russian President Vladimir Putin reported that the meeting regarding the situation in Ukraine and international sanctions with Belarusian dictator Alexander Lukashenko have gone well.

Putin credited Lukashenko for helping out with the power supply in Chernobyl and providing supplies during the Ukrainian invasion. 

“If they hadn’t done this (a special operation in Ukraine. – Ed.) a day before, believe me, in a few days we would have drunk all this cup with huge losses. They were not only preparing to strike at the Donbas – they built positions for a strike on Belarus,” said Lukashenko. 

According to Putin, Russia and Belarus are “weathering” the sanctions imposed by the international community in response to the Ukraine Invasion and that it reminded them of their shared past. 

“The USSR really lived under the conditions of sanctions, developed and achieved tremendous success. <…> Even after 1990, sanctions against Russia were maintained and then moved into new and modern times from the time of the Soviet Union,” said Putin. 

Lukashenko added that they would still be able to live as normal under sanctions like during the Cold War era.

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