UAE Claims Moral Right to Self-Defense against Armed Aggression

Top UAE official on Thursday said that Abu Dhabi has all the legal and moral rights to defend itself and prevent terrorism from threatening its soil, warning of comprehensive responses to any future terrorist attacks.

UAE’s Minister of State Khalifa Shaheen Al Marar in his speech in the 157th ordinary session of the Arab League Council, said that UAE has the right to self-defense in response to armed aggression and to preserve its sovereignty and territorial integrity under international law.

“Attacks perpetrated by terror groups will not proceed without a comprehensive response,” Al Marar warned, pointing out that UAE has faced “vicious terrorist attacks” by the terrorist Houthi militias that targeted civil areas and objects and led to civilian casualties.

On 17 February, Yemen’s Houthi group claimed responsibility for missile attacks in Abu Dhabi, in which two Indian nationals and one Pakistani working for oil giant ADNOC died and six more foreign workers received injuries.

Similarly, Houthi terrorist attacks on civilian objects in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia have continued, Al Marar added, referring to the large number of ballistic missiles and drones used in Houthi aggression.

Al Marar stressed that the UAE has sufficient capabilities to protect its people and residents to ensure they may live in safety and security.

Al Marar furthered that Houthi militias would not have continued their aggression, crimes or even rejection of peaceful solutions to Yemen crisis “if it was not about the flow of weapons by Iran” to the group.

He underlined the importance of continuing to call on all countries to designate the Houthi militias as a terrorist entity, noting that such a designation would not disrupt humanitarian support to the people of Yemen.

Al Marar reiterated UAE’s commitment to continue work towards achieving peace, promoting a culture of tolerance, moderation and peaceful coexistence among peoples in the region.

Al Marar also said that UAE strongly rejects violence, extremism and hatred while prioritizing dialogue, reason, diplomacy and political solutions between countries.

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