Two Syrians Arrested for Smuggling over 1.2m Amphetamine Pills

Saudi Arabia on Wednesday said it has thwarted the smuggling of over 1.2 million amphetamine pills and also arrested two Syrian suspects.

Saudi Arabia’s spokesman of the General Directorate of Narcotics Control (GDNC), Major Mohammed Al-Nujaidi said they have arrested two Syrians who skillfully hidden amphetamine tablets in a cargo of oranges.

According to Al-Nujaidi, Saudi officials are always alert and spare no efforts in chasing drug smuggling networks. “We have seized 1,272,000 amphetamine tablets in the possession of the two Syrians who were in the country on visitor visas,” Al-Nujaidi added.

Al-Nujaidi said that an investigation has been launched on the case and the detained Syrians would be referred to the public prosecution once the probe has been finalized.

On 16 February, Al-Nujaidi also said that they have thwarted attempts to smuggle in and distribute more than one million amphetamine tablets in different operations.

“We have foiled an attempt by a citizen in Riyadh to distribute more than 790,000 amphetamine tablets,” Al-Nujaidi added.

A figure released by the Kingdom’s Customs Authority shows that Saudi Arabia seized more than 37 tones of illegal drugs last year, as well as 190 million of the highly addictive Captagon pills.

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