Saudi Arabia, UAE Leaders Refuse Biden’s Call On Oil Talks

The leaders of two Arabic countries, Saudi Arabia and the UAE have expressed reluctance to ease surging oil prices and turned down the overtures from the White House aimed their simmering anger at the Biden administration for not supporting them in Yemen and elsewhere.

The Wall Street Journal reported that Mohammed bin Salman of Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan declined calls with President Biden as the war in Ukraine intensified.

“There was some expectation of a phone call with Saudi’s Salman, but it didn’t happen,” the outlet quoted Middle East and US officials as saying. “It was part of turning on the spigot of (Saudi oil).”

UAE leader Sheikh bin Zayed also declined a call from Biden, according to the officials.

The reason behind their decline is due to annoyance boiled over US failure to back them in their war with Iran in Yemen, and also concerns about a new nuclear deal.

Saudi Arabia has also been pushing for legal immunity in the US for Crown Prince Mohammed, who is accused of killing a journalist in 2018.

“We have worked with the two countries to strengthen their defenses amid concerns over Iran,” a US official told the Journal.

On Tuesday, Joe Biden announced that the US would no longer buy Russian oil, which accounted for around 8 percent of their imports, or 672,000 barrels of oil and petroleum products a day.

The US government is trying best to rally international support for Ukraine as some countries have remained neutral regarding the Russian invasion.

Russian forces have killed hundreds of people across Ukraine in what Russian President Vladimir Putin described as a “special military operation.”

Washington is potentially looking at Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil talks as it cuts off Russian oil imports.

However, according to Journal, Saudi Arabia and the UAE both said they will not produce more oil than agreed on by the Russian-led Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries.

It is widely believe that Saudi Arabia and the UAE are the only major oil producing nations with sufficient capacity to compensate for the loss of Russian oil on global markets.

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