Ukraine Claims Russian Attacks Interrupted Evacuation of Mariupol Again

The Ukrainian Joint Forces Operation reported that Russian forces have disrupted the evacuation of civilians in Mariupol.

“A number of measures were taken by the defenders of Mariupol to evacuate civilians along a single route: roads were cleared of mines, barricades were removed, etc. However, the invaders haven’t allowed children, women, and the elderly out of town. The enemy launched an attack precisely in the direction of the humanitarian corridor,” said the  Joint Forces Operation. 

Due to the heavy fighting power, water, gas supplies, as well as communications, have been cut off while humanitarian supplies are dwindling.

“Mariupol is a peaceful and hard-working city without any internal malice. It was surrounded and blocked. It is being deliberately exhausted, deliberately tortured. The occupiers are deliberately cutting off communications. They have deliberately blocked food supply, water supply, and electricity. For the first time in decades, apparently, since the Nazi invasion, a child has died of dehydration in Mariupol,”  said Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Jonathan Pedneault, crisis and conflict researcher at Human Rights Watch said that Mariupol residents have been trapped in the city for at least six days and are in danger.  

“The more than 200,000 civilians trapped in Mariupol face the twin dangers of incessant shelling and an increasingly critical lack of clean water,”  said Pedneault.

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