Military Forces Spotted in Belarus Heading Towards Ukraine

Military forces and equipment have been reportedly spotted moving towards Ukraine despite President Aleksander Lukashenko’s claim that they will not join the invasion of Ukraine.

Belarusian journalist Anton Mololko shared images and videos of Belarusian forces including missile platforms heading towards Ukraine.

“18:12 (Minsk time). A column of military vehicles with “V” marks is standing near the village Rayevskiye. The direction is towards the border with Ukraine,” said Motolko. 

A large number of military equipment that was spotted by Motolko were Tochka-U missile platforms which were recently used in the destruction of the Luhansk oil refinery.

A large number of KamAZ and Ural trucks marked with a V were also spotted moving south from various highways. 

Both Belarus and Russia have not announced any troop movements in the region but Lukashenko has been photographed pointing at a map showing force movements from Belarus to Ukraine. 

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