Egypt Releases Female Pharmacist Accused of Terror Charges

An Egyptian pharmacist earlier beaten by her female colleagues for not wearing Hajib (Islamic veil) and also accused of terror charges, has been released from custody.

The Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights (EIPR) in a statement said that Isis Moustafa has filed a complaint at a local police station in Sharqiyah province in northwestern Egypt, accusing her colleagues for beating her as what she described, not wearing Hijab.

According to the statement, Moustafa, in October, was being physically assaulted by her colleagues at a public medical centre for being a Muslim woman but unveiled.

The EIPR said that on October 12, Sharqiya Governor Mamdouh Ghorab received Moustafa at his office and apologized to her in person.

Ghorab also asked the related organizations to launch a thorough probe in the incident and find the culprits.

However, according to EIPR, Moustafa was surprisingly arrested days after she met with Ghorab and was sent behind bars and also charged with stirring public opinion. Moustafa has been in jail since October 16.

The EIPR in a statement reiterated its fully support to Moustafa, but said they don’t know whether the court had released her on bail or cleared all charges against her.

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