Hostomel Mayor Killed by Russian Forces

The mayor of Hostomel, a town northwest of Kyiv, has been killed by the Russian army as skirmishes for control of the city continued.

“The head of the Gostomel community Yuri Illich Prylipko died, distributing bread to the hungry and medicine to the sick, comforting the burnt, and betraying the disbelievers. For this, he together with his brothers Ruslan Karpenkom and Ivan Zore ю was shot by the invaders.” said the Hostomel City Council. 

The Hostomel district has been a major battlefield since the beginning of the Russian invasion because it hosts the Antonov military airport and has been under constant ground and air assaults. 

Several infrastructures such as Hostomel’s glaze plant, logistics center, many residential buildings have already burned down during the fighting.

The vast majority of Hostomel residents have no electricity, heat, access to food and water and cannot readily evacuate the city. 

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