Ukrainian Humanitarian Evacuation Postponed After Russian Forces Violate Ceasefire

Donestk Oblast governor, Pavlo Kirilenko, has announced that officials have postponed the evacuation of Mariupol and asked citizens to seek shelter after Russian military forces violated the negotiated ceasefire.

“Due to the fact that the Russians do not observe the ceasefire and continue shelling Mariupol and its environs, for security  reasons, the evacuation of the population has been postponed,” Donestk  Oblast governor Pavlo Kirilenko wrote on Facebook.

“We ask people to leave gathering places and go to shelters,” Kirilenko added.


The city council of Ukraine’s Mariupol city has said that Russian invasion forces are not observing the ceasefire along the negotiated and planned civilian escape route

“We are negotiating with the Russian side to confirm the ceasefire along the entire evacuation route,” it said in a statement.

This information is from the Mariupol city council. 

  • The ceasefire will last from 09:00-16:00 local time (07:00-14:00 GMT).   
  • Evacuation of civilians will begin at 11:00 local time (09:00 GMT).
  • The evacuation corridor is from Mariupol to Zaporizhzhia, a city to the west.
  • Buses will depart the city from three locations,  private transport will also be allowed to travel along the route given.
  • The Mariupol city council asks drivers to make full use of all the space they have in their vehicles.
  • Leaving or straying from the agreed evacuation route is strictly forbidden.

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