Iowa Becomes 11th State to Sign Transgender Sports Ban into Law

Iowa became the 11th state in the United States to sign a legislation banning transgender girls and women from participating on female sports teams from kindergarten through college.

Republican Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed House File 2416 on March 3, going into effect immediately, after it passed the Senate 31 to 17 a day before.

The measure passed the State House last month by a vote of 55 to 39.

Only Republicans voted in favor of the measure.

“This is a victory for girls’ sports in Iowa. No amount of talent, training, or effort can make up for the natural physical advantages males have over females. It’s simply a reality of human biology,” Reynolds said during the signing ceremony where she was surrounded by young female athletes.

“Forcing females to compete against males is the opposite of inclusivity and it’s absolutely unfair,” Reynolds added.

The legislation requires athletes competing in women’s sports to have their biological sex listed on their birth certificates as “female.”

There is no such requirement for men’s sports.

The legislation also requires schools to designate sport events as male, female, or co-ed.

Human Rights Campaign Senior Vice President on Policy and Political Affairs JoDee Winterhof said in a statement that Reynolds “has reversed years of progress and moved our state backwards.”

Iowa Safe Schools, an LGBTQ+ youth advocacy group, called the legislation “a solution in search of a problem, scoring petty political points at the expense of Iowa’s children.”

“Today is a dark day in Iowa’s history and will be remembered by our students, their families, and voters alike,” the group further said on Twitter.

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