U.S. Senate to Hold Confirmation Hearings for Supreme Court Nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on March 21 to 24

The United States Senate plans to hold the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson on March 21 to 24, Senate Judiciary Chair Dick Durbin announced.

In a letter to his colleagues on March 2, Durbin laid out the timetable for the hearings.

On March 21, hearings will begin with statements from Senate Judiciary Committee members, people who will introduce Jackson, and Jackson herself.

Questioning will be held on March 22 to March 23.

The Committee will also hold a closed session on March 23 to discuss the Federal Bureau of Investigation’s background investigation onto Jackson, which the Committee regularly does for every nominee.

The hearings will conclude on March 24 with testimony from the American Bar Association and other witnesses.

“The Committee will undertake a fair and timely process to consider Judge Jackson’s nomination. I look forward to Judge Jackson’s appearance before the Committee and to respectful and dignified hearings,” Durbin wrote.

After the Committee’s hearings and votes, the full Senate will hold a vote.

If confirmed, Jackson will become the first Black woman to serve in the Supreme Court.

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