Russia Apologizes For Crew Death After Firing on Bangladeshi Cargo Ship

Bangladesh officials on Thursday confirmed that one of their cargo ships was attacked by a missile in the Ukrainian Black Sea port of Olvia, in which one crew member was killed – Russian envoy expressed sadness over the established circumstances.

Executive Director of Bangladesh Shipping Corp, Pijush Dutta said the ship came under attack and one engineer was killed. “It was not clear whether it was a bomb or missile or which side launched the attack. The other 28 crewmen are unharmed,” Dutta told Reuters, without providing further details.

Moreover, a Bangladeshi foreign ministry official said that the Bangladesh-flagged Banglar Samriddhi had been stuck in the port of Olvia since Russia’s attack on Ukraine began on Feb. 24.

The official, whose name is not specified, confirmed that it was a missile that hit the ship on Wednesday evening.

The Russian Embassy in the Bangladeshi capital Dhaka, in a statement on its Facebook page said that the circumstances of the incident were “being established”.

“The local media report that Mr Hadisur Rahman, a citizen of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh, the 3rd engineer of the BSC ship MV Banglar Samriddhi positioned in the inner anchorage of Olvia port (Ukraine), was killed as a result of a missile attack. The circumstances of the incident are being established,” the statement added.

“We express deep condolences to the near and dear ones of the deceased. The Russian Side bends every effort to ensure safe departure of the Bangladeshi ship from the port,” it added.

Russia, who invaded Ukraine last Thursday, has used Black Sea to transfer their warships, but Turkey has now blocked its access.

The Turkish government said that Russia has canceled a bid to send four of its warships through Turkish waters into the Black Sea at Ankara’s request.

Turkish officials also said that they have blocked its Bosphorus and Dardanelles straits since the early days of the violence in Ukraine.

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