UAE Stands by Women, Girls In Afghanistan: Envoy

The UAE’s Ambassador to the UN, Lana Nusseibeh on Wednesday reiterated commitment to stand by the sides of Afghan women and girls who are facing unprecedented restrictions by the Taliban regime since the collapse of the western-backed government in Afghanistan in August.

Speaking in a press conference, Nusseibeh said that the UN Security Council fined itself “at a critical juncture as we are discussing” the future of the UN’s presence in Afghanistan.

But Nusseibeh said that they are strongly committed to maintaining that women and girls have “full access to education, the workplace and public life” in Afghanistan.

“We will vigorously pursue this objective, including by stressing that their empowerment and protection are not just a moral and an ethical duty, but a necessity for building a peaceful and stable Afghanistan,” Nusseibeh added.

Nusseibeh furthered, “I would like to say that and it’s worth repeating that religion cannot be used to justify extremist ideology or to excuse discrimination against women and girls.”

Nusseibeh reiterated UAE’s commitment to support their rights to education and work also their participation in public life which is “fully compatible with the religion of Islam and with our culture.”

On 15 August, Taliban took over Afghanistan after 20 years of war, and immediately restricted women’s life and banned girls from going to schools. Women were also banned from joining their offices, and also they can’t travel abroad without male partner.

Taliban also detained a number of Afghan women social activists who protested and demanded for their rights to education and work. However, some of them were later released after immense pressure by the international community, who did not recognize the Taliban regime so far.

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