U.S. Justice Department to Name Chief Prosecutor for Pandemic Fraud, Biden Says

United States President Joe Biden formally announced on March 1 that the Justice Department will name a chief prosecutor to handle COVID-19 pandemic-related fraud.

“In my administration, the watchdogs are back.  We’re going after the criminals who stole billions of relief money meant for small business and millions of Americans,” Biden said during his first State of the Union address.

In a fact sheet released earlier, the White House said the chief prosecutor will “lead teams of specialized prosecutors and agents focusing on major targets of pandemic fraud, such as those committing large-scale identity theft, including foreign-based actors.”

In his remarks, Biden also took aim at the administration of former President Donald Trump for undercutting financial watchdogs.

“The previous administration not only ballooned the deficit with those tax cuts for the very wealthy and corporations, it undermined the watchdogs. The job of those it was to keep pandemic relief funds from being wasted,” Biden said.

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