Turkey Says No Plan to Impose Sanctions Against Russia

The government of Turkey said it has no plan to impose sanctions against Russia, and doesn’t want its interest to be harmed with the country.

Turkish Presidential Spokesperson Ibrahim Kalın said that the European Union did not request Ankara to join its sanctions.

“We are not in the opinion of imposing sanctions against Russia. We have commercial ties such as natural gas, tourism and agriculture. We do not want to make a harmful move for our country,” Kalın added.

Kalın said they need to act in a way to take into consideration the priorities of their country. “There should be an actor who can talk to Russia. Who will talk to Russia when everyone burns the bridges?” Kalın added. “We need to open a communication channel, that’s why the sanction package is not a plan now.”

Meanwhile, the leader of Turkey’s Nationalist Great Unity Party, Mustafa Destici called on the Turkish authorities to stand with Ukraine and fight against Russia invasion of the country.

According to Destici, if the Russian succeeded in Ukraine, then the next target would be Turkey.

“Russia’s next target is the Turkish states—Kars and Ardahan provinces. If you see Russia on our borders later, do not be surprised,” Destici lamented.

Russia invaded Ukraine on Thursday morning, in which hundreds of people were killed and wounded so far, plus thousands of people displaced and took refuge in neighboring countries.

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