Russia Recruits Syrian Mercenaries to Fight in Ukraine

The Russian government is preparing to recruit “mercenaries” from Syria to help the country’s security forces in its fight in Ukraine.

According to Arabi21, Syria opposition sources said that Russia will use these mercenaries to help its security forces in their invasion in Ukraine, terming it a tactic used by Moscow in Libya and Venezuela as well.

Syrian journalist Ahmad Obeid is quoted as saying that Russia started to spread news, through its delegates, to those who want to join them.

“The aim of spreading this news is to measure reactions. Russia has started security studies of the potential areas of recruiting of the Syrians,” Obeid added.

According to Obeid, Syrian mercenaries will be paid $2,000 salary on a monthly basis and this is the same salary given to those recruited fighters sent in Libya.

“In fact, hundreds of Syrian fighters have joined the Russian (Wagner Group) militia, which makes this news very likely to be true,” Abdul Aziz al-Khatib, another Syrian journalist told Arabi21.

Khatib added that Russia sent Syrian fighters to Libya, and to Venezuela as well, so it is with a greater reason that it sends them to “fight close to its borders as well – that is, in Ukraine.”

Russia’s bloody military operation against Ukraine nears the end of its first week, in which hundreds of people inside Russia protested the move, and the international community also condemned the aggression and imposed tougher economic sanctions.

Russian forces also detained nearly 7,000 people who staged protests across Russia against Moscow’s invasion that so far left hundreds of people dead and wounded in Ukraine, and also thousands other fled to the neighboring countries.

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