UNSC Calls Houthis a Terrorist Group For First Time; UAE Welcomes Resolution

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) on Tuesday welcomed the adoption of a UN Security Council resolution renewing sanctions on Yemen’s Iranian-backed Houthi militia, and labeling them a terrorist group for the first time.

UNSC on Monday voted to adopt a draft resolution on Yemen that expands the scope of an existing arms embargo targeting the leaders of the Houthi militia, including Abdulmalik Al-Houthi, to encompass the entire membership of the group.

“The Security Council decided to renew for one year the arms embargo on Yemen, as well as the travel ban and asset freeze against those threatening peace in that country,” the UN said in a statement.

UNSC also strongly condemned the cross-border attacks by the “Houthi terrorist group,” including attacks on Saudi Arabia and the UAE that struck civilians and civilian infrastructure.

Meanwhile, the UAE Permanent Representative to the UN Lana Nusseibeh said that the purpose of this resolution is to limit the capacity of the Houthis and to limit the escalation of the war in Yemen.

“The resolution also meant to end attacks on international navigational waters and vessels and to put an end to the suffering of civilians in Yemen and in the region in the face of these terrorist attacks.”

Nusseibeh also reiterated the UAE’s demands for the Houthis “to cease their terrorist acts and coastal attacks and to return to the negotiating table to begin a serious political process.”

“Only solution to bring an end to this crisis would be to join efforts to reach a political solution under the auspices of the United Nations with the Yemenis, in accordance with the Gulf Initiative as well as the results of the National Dialogue Conference and relevant resolutions of the Security Council, including resolution 2216,” Nusseibeh added.

The Houthi group has recently intensified missiles and drone attacks targeting several points in UAE’s capital Abu Dhabi. The deadliest one was on 17 January when three people were killed and six more were wounded, and UAE defense officials said they have also intercepted several missiles fired by Houthi rebels.

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