Russian State News Agency Accidentally Publishes Pre-Made Article Claiming Victory Over Ukraine

A Russian state-run news agency accidentally published a pre-prepared article for the end of Moscow’s “peacekeeping operation” in Ukraine, saying Russia has taken back Ukraine.

“Ukraine has returned to Russia,” said the comment piece that was published on RIA Novosti on Feb. 26, already celebrating a Russian victory and the collapse of Ukraine. “The West sees the return of Russia to its historical borders in Europe.”

The article written by Petr Akopov — which assumed a swift victory of Russia’s military operation in Ukraine — was quickly deleted, but a copy can still be found in the internet archive WayBack Machine.

Akopov praised the end of the conflict as a “new era” of the “Russian World” where Russia, Belarus and Ukraine are united as a whole.

“Russia is restoring its unity – the tragedy of 1991, this terrible catastrophe in our history, its unnatural dislocation, has been overcome,” the article read.

Last week, when he recognized two breakaway provinces of Ukraine as independent states, Russian President Vladimir Putin said Ukraine has been a part of Russia since “time immemorial.”

“The West as a whole, and even more so Europe in particular, did not have the strength to keep Ukraine in its sphere of influence,” Akopov added.

The conflict in Ukraine is still ongoing. Observers have noted that Ukraine is resisting the invasion well.

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