Kherson and Mariupol Continue to Weather Russian Seige, Fatalities Reported

Russian forces continue to besiege Kherson and Mariupol as the invasion of Ukraine drags on for the fourth day. 

” Kherson is currently hottest spot. There are street fights between units of the Armed Forces, territorial defense and the Russian occupiers. The second spot is the northwest of Kyiv, where the enemy is trying to group and regroup, and we are launching powerful artillery strikes on it. Of course, Kharkiv is a hot spot…” said Adviser to the Head of the President’s Office Oleksiy Arestovych. 

The Kherson Regional State Administration reported that the city is continuously under shelling while some utilities have been cut off. 

Kherson Regional State Administration Head Hennadii Lahuta said however that Kherson has not yet been taken or occupied by the Russians. 

“The city and the region have been neither occupied nor surrendered! According to the preliminary data, invaders are hiding in the city to prevent the Armed Forces of Ukraine from neutralizing them. There is also a probability that they want to create a live shield of civilians to leave Kherson safely,” said Lahuta. 

In Mariupol, Russian forces surrounding the area continue to unleash artillery and rocket barrages as well and are targeting vital infrastructure to paralyze the Ukrainian garrison. 

“Mariupol is under a barrage of Russian jet artillery. The occupiers are attacking all areas of the city. The shelling does not stop… According to operative information, it is already known about 21 wounded. How many dead is still unknown,” reported Donetsk regional military administration Pavlo Kyrylenko.

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