UN General Assembly to Hold Rare Emergency Session on Russian Invasion

The United Nations (UN) General Assembly will meet on Feb. 28 for a rare emergency session to discuss the Russian invasion on Ukraine after the UN Security Council voted in favor on Feb. 27.

Of the 15 members in the UN Security Council, 11 voted in favor of the resolution to convene the General Assembly session while Russia opposed.

China, India, and the United Arab Emirates abstained.

The procedural vote only requires a nine-member majority to pass and it came after Russia used its veto on Feb. 25 to block a Security Council resolution that would condemn the invasion and call for Russia to immediately withdraw its troops in Ukraine.

The session is set to provide all 193 UN General Assembly members the opportunity to express their views on the Russian attack on Ukraine.

The General Assembly session is scheduled to begin at 10 a.m. in New York and is expected to last at least all day.

The meeting will be the 11th such session that the General Assembly has held.

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