Singapore Imposes Sanctions on Russia

Singaporean foreign minister said the government would impose “appropriate sanctions and restrictions” on Russia, including banking and financial measures and export controls on items that could be used as weapons against the people of Ukraine.

Foreign Affairs Minister Vivian Balakrishnan said that Singapore would impose sanctions on Russia “in concert with other like-minded countries” on Monday, citing “the unprecedented gravity” of the Russian invasion in Ukraine.

“Instead of choosing sides, we uphold principles…  there will be occasions when we have to stake a stand, even if it is contrary to one or more powers, on the basis of principles, as we are doing now,” Balakrishnan said.

Balakrishnan also noted that Singapore was one of 82 co-sponsors of a recent United Nations Security Council Resolution to condemn Russia’s aggression against Ukraine, but was not passed, as Russia, a permanent member of the council, vetoed it.

Balakrishnan added that Singapore values its “good relations” with Russia and its people, but such “violations of sovereignty and territorial integrity of another sovereign state” cannot be accepted.

While Ukraine is far from Singapore, authorities said they are following the crisis with “grave concern.” 

“We cannot accept one country attacking another without justification, arguing that his independence was the result of “historical errors and crazy decisions.”

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