Mass Protests Held in Russia over Ukraine Invasion, Thousands Arrested

Police in Russia have arrested more than 2,000 anti-war protesters in 48 cities across the country, an independent monitoring group said, on the fourth day of President Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine that shocked many Russians and the world.

OVD-Info, which has documented crackdowns on Russia’s opposition for years, said 2,114 protesters were arrested on Sunday, bringing the tally of protesters arrested to more than 5,500 since the invasion began on Thursday.

In Moscow, protesters carried hand-written placards with peace signs and anti-war slogans in Russian and Ukrainian, and some wore masks with the word “Enough” emblazoned in the front.

According to reports, hundreds of anti-war protesters stood together, linking arms and chanting outside the upmarket Gostiny Dvor department store in downtown Saint Petersburg.

Many held posters that read “No to war,” “Russians go home,” and “Peace to Ukraine.”

“I am against war. I was born in 1941, and I know what it means,” said Valeria Andreyeva, born the year Nazi Germany attacked the Soviet Union.

Tens of thousands of people across Europe marched in protest against Russia’s invasion on Sunday, with 100,000 people protesting in solidarity with Ukraine in Berlin.

Meanwhile, Putin ordered his military command to put nuclear-armed forces on high alert on Sunday as Ukrainian fighters defending the city of Kharkiv said they repelled an attack by invading Russian troops.

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