U.S. Nonprofit Evacuates First Group of Americans from Ukraine

A United States nonprofit organization group announced on Feb. 24 that it has evacuated the first group of Americans from Ukraine amid the Russian invasion.

Project Dynamo said that its first busload of 23 U.S. evacuees was on its way to a country on Ukraine’s western border.

The bus left the border at 8 a.m. local or 1 a.m. U.S. Easter time, NBC News reported.

“They are currently traversing the Ukrainian countryside and trying to make their way to an American embassy in a neighboring country,” Project Dynamo spokesperson James Judge said in a statement.

“The evacuation began minutes after our team on the ground physically felt the nearby explosions in Kyiv last night,” Judge said.

Project Dynamo co-founder Bryan Stern has been in Ukraine for over a week to field evacuation requests that had pored in even before Russia launched its attack.

Stern said he formed Project Dynamo, named after the 1940 British evacuation of Dunkirk, during the U.S. evacuation of Afghanistan in August.

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