U.S. Expels Second-Highest Ranking Russian Diplomat at Washington, D.C. Embassy

The United States expelled Russia’s second-highest ranking diplomat at the Russian embassy in Washington, D.C. in retaliation for the earlier expulsion of the second ranking U.S. diplomat in Moscow.

A U.S. State Department spokesperson said that they notified the Russian embassy on Feb. 23 that it expelled Minister Counselor Sergey Trepelkov and has given him a few weeks to leave the U.S.

“We are taking these actions as a direct response to the unprovoked Russian expulsion of our Deputy Chief of Mission, who was given two weeks to depart, despite the fact that he had not completed his three-year tour,” the spokesperson said, according to CNN.

The spokesperson also said that the decision was not related to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which occurred after they notified Russia of the expulsion.

Russia expelled U.S. Deputy Chief of Mission in Moscow Bart Gorman in mid-February and has since returned to the U.S., according to a senior State Department official.

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