Russia Claims Capturing Hostomel Aerodome and Killing 200 Ukrainian Troops

Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Igor Konashenkov reported that it has succeeded in cutting off Kyiv from the Werst after Russian paratroopers captured Hostomel Aerodrome and defeated the Ukrainian defenders.

“During the capture of the airfield, more than 200 nationalists from the special units of Ukraine were killed. There are no losses in the Russian Armed Forces,” said Konashenkov. 

Konashenkov attributed the success of the operation to the “effective suppression of the entire air defense system in the landing area, the complete isolation of the combat area from the air and the active conduct of electronic warfare.’

Konashenkov however said that Ukrainian forces have positioned Grad rocket batteries in Kyiv that is aimed at their forces in Hostomel. 

Konashenkov also claimed that the Ukrainian government was using civilians as human shields but did not cite any examples. 

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