Three Men Plead Guilty in Plot to Attack Power Grids in the U.S. to Promote White Supremacy

The Justice Department announced that three men pleaded guilty on Feb. 23 on plotting to attack power grids in the United States to promote white supremacy and trigger a race war.

Christopher Brenner Cook, 20, of Columbus, Ohio; Jonathan Allen Frost, 24, of West Lafayette, Indiana, and Katy, Texas; and Jackson Matthew Sawall, 22, of Oshkosh, Wisconsin pleaded guilty to one count of conspiring to provide material support to terrorists, court documents showed.

The three men planned to disrupt electricity substations because they believed it would cost the government millions of dollars and spark an unrest, including racial conflict, the Justice Department said.

According to the Justice Department, Frost and Cook met in 2019 in an online chat group, where Frost shared the idea of attacking a power grid.

Cook circulated readings promoting white supremacy and Neo-Nazism as part of the recruitment efforts and recruit Sawall by late 2019.

The three men each assigned themselves to attack a power grid in different parts of the U.S. using rifles.

In February 2020, the men met in Columbus, Ohio where Frost gave Cook an AR-47 and both men trained at a shooting range.

Frost also provided Cook and Sawall with suicide pills that they would ingest if they were caught by law enforcement.

The men attempted to recruit others while they were in Ohio and painted a swastika flag under a bridge at a park with the caption, “Join the Front.” However, authorities derailed them during a traffic stop.

Sawall swallowed his suicide pill during the traffic stop but survived.

All three men face a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison.

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