Israel Denounces Russian Attack on Ukraine, Urges Swift Resolution to Crisis

The government of Israel on Thursday strongly denounced the Russian attack on Ukraine, calling on the world powers to find a solution to the crisis in a nutshell.

Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid in a press conference has termed Russia’s attack on Ukraine as a grave breach of international order.

Lapid said that Israel is a country which is “experiencing wars” and war is not the way to resolve conceits.  “There is still room to stop and to return to the negotiation table to resolve differences peacefully with world powers’ mediation,” Lapid added.

Lapid said that Israel has a deep and good relation with both Russia and Ukraine and at the same is concerned about the safety of Jews in both the countries.

“Thousands of Israelis and hundreds of thousands of Jews are staying in both countries, and their safety is our top considerations,” Lapid added.

Meanwhile, Israeli Ambassador to Ukraine Michael Brodsky said they are trying to evacuate Israelis through land routes, following Russia’s attack on the country and closure of its airspace.

Around 7,000-8,000 Israelis remained in Ukraine, and the Israeli embassy asked them to register their names on its website in order to help them and update them on the situation.

Brodsky asked the Israelis to reach the border crossing with Poland independently.

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