Chinese Embassy in Ukraine Tells Nationals to Display Chinese Flags on Vehicles

Following Russia’s attack on Ukraine, China’s embassy in Kyiv told its citizens in Ukraine to stay at home or at least display a Chinese flag on their vehicles when driving.

“Social order is chaotic and out of control, especially when there are periods of serious unrest in the city,” the embassy wrote on Thursday. “It is best to stay at home and away from windows and glass to avoid accidental injury.”

The embassy told citizens to “affix the Chinese flag at a prominent spot on your car” if they have to leave their homes.

Unlike several other countries, China has not yet told its citizens to consider leaving Ukraine as explosions were heard from Kyiv. The embassy has instead told Chinese nationals in earlier security warnings to stock up on necessities such as food and water.

The advisory followed after China’s foreign ministry refused to call the attacks an “invasion” and called for a diplomatic solution to the crisis.

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