Lebanese Officials Say Islamic State’s Deadly Attacks Foiled Near Capital Beirut

Lebanese Interior Minister, Bassam Mawlawi on Wednesday said the security forces have prevented three terrorist attacks planned by the Islamic State (IS) militants near the capital Beirut that could lead to a large number of civilian casualties.

Among alleged terrorists, two of them who are from Palestinian, were detained early this month before carrying bomb-belt attacks in the predominantly Shiite southern suburbs of Beirut, according to Mawlawi.

Mawlawi said that attackers planned to launch firefights followed by suicide attacks in areas south of Beirut, including Ouzai and Lailaki areas, which is considered to be strongholds of the Hezbollah group.

However, Mawlawi did not specified how many IS fighters they have captured in total.

In the past several years, IS claimed responsibility for several attacks in which killed and wounded dozens of people across Lebanon.

Moreover, Lebanon Interior Ministry in a statement said terrorist incidents have been reduced last year because the IS group lost control of territory along the Lebanese-Syrian border.

Lebanese authorities have reportedly expressed concerns that Lebanese youth might join IS rank due to severe economic conditions.

Dozens of young Lebanese had recently gone missing from the north of Lebanon, and later they were found in Iraq and were recruited by the IS terrorist group.

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