Fiji-based Authors Tell Climate Change in Books for Children

Fiji-based authors published adventure series for children that talked about critical ocean themes from sea-level rises and pollution to ocean acidification and deforestation to inspire the children of the Pacific to protect an ocean deeply connected to their culture.

“The ocean plays a big role in climate regulation,” said Pacific Islands program manager Milika Sobey at the Asia Foundation, which initiated the project.

According to Sobey, many children in the region have experienced firsthand the impacts of severe cyclonic events such as the warmer ocean, sea-level rise, destructive storm surges, eroding coastlines, and trauma of relocation. 

“But, we want Pacific children not to have to fear the ocean, rather they must be empowered to become respectful protectors of… the Pacific Ocean,” Sobey added.

Last year, Fiji’s Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations, Satyendra Prasad said that the climate crisis is essentially an ocean crisis.

“The earth has two lungs – the Amazon and the vast Blue Pacific. The Amazon is already carbon positive, which means we need to work even harder to keep the Pacific Ocean functioning at its optimal,” Prasad said.

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