Economic Challenges Will Leave No Media Outlet Active In Afghanistan In Next 6-Month: Watchdog Warns

Afghanistan Journalists and Media Organizations Federation (AJMOF) has voiced its deep concern over economic challenges of the media outlets in Afghanistan, warning no media will remain active within six months if their economic challenges remain unresolved.

The federation called on organizations supporting free media to provide support to the Afghan media aimed at preventing “suffocating” of freedom of media in Afghanistan.

AJMOF officials said that media outlets have been scrambling with the fragile economic situation after the collapse of western-back regime on August 15.

Hujatullah Mujaddedi, a member of the Federation, in a press conference said that some media outlets have already closed and a number of reporters have already become jobless. “Some reporters switched to other jobs, but some of them are still unemployed because there are no job opportunities, they are in a tense situation,” Mujaddedi added.

The federation also issued a statement, calling on the Taliban leaders to let the confederation resume its activities of the committee that investigates media-related violence in order to receive funds.

Meanwhile, Afghan reporters attending the presser called on the federation to remain honest in supporting the reporters once received the funds. Mena Habib, a reporter, said that if the money was managed properly, no reporter would have been facing economic challenges.

Another reporter, Ahad Tanha said that media-supporting organizations that have established the federation should give guarantees that they will not embezzle money like the previous organization.

Tanha said that the previous federation were involved in corruption and also took their relatives out of Afghanistan during the evacuation process instead of real reporters.

Moreover, UNAMA has pledged $600 million support for Afghan media from part of a fund which is being allocated by EU to address the humanitarian crisis in Afghanistan.

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