Brazil Storm Death Toll Almost 190 in a Week

Brazilian authorities on Tuesday said the death toll from flash floods and landslides that hit Petropolis has risen to 186, one week after torrential rains lashed the tourist town.

Police said 33 children were among those killed in the February 15 deluge, which dumped a month’s worth of rain on the southeastern city in several hours.

More than 850 people who lost their homes or had to evacuate were still housed in emergency shelters.

The number of people missing currently stands at 69, a figure that has been falling as the bodies of the victims were identified and as families separated in the initial chaos managed to reunite.

Since the storm, rescue workers have searched for victims, digging through the mud and wreckage left by devastating landslides that mainly hit poor hillside communities.

Meanwhile, officials have begun a massive clean-up operation to clear the mud, rubble, and stranded vehicles strewn around Petropolis.

In the past three months, at least 236 people have died in severe storms in Brazil.

According to experts, violent rains are made worse by climate change.

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