UK Warns Russian Invasion of Ukraine Unleash Millions of Refugees To EU

Top UK official said that the Russian invasion of Ukraine would lead to the inflow of millions of refugees into EU soil, calling for an acceleration of steps to prevent a humanitarian crisis.

UK Defense Secretary, Ben Wallace in his briefing to the MPs, said that the EU should “think what they can do if a million refugees appear” in Hungary, Romania, or Poland. Wallace said that Russian President Vladimir Putin’s commitment to invade Ukraine will lead to a “humanitarian crisis.” 

“I believe he (Putin) is in danger of setting himself on a tragic course of events leading to a humanitarian crisis, instability, and widespread suffering, not just of Ukrainians but also of the Russian people,” said Wallace. 

Wallace said that despite the assurance given by Ukraine, there is an indication that Russia continued to increase the number of its troops in position to launch the operation.

Wallace said that Russia pledged to withdraw its troops from Belarus at the end of their joint military drills on February 20, but nothing so happened. “The exercise has not been carried out and it has been extended until further notice,” Wallace added.

Meanwhile, US ambassador to the United Nations Linda Thomas-Greenfield speaking at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council said “the consequences of Russia’s actions will be dire across Ukraine, Europe, and the globe.”

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