UK Spy Chief Says Afghanistan Is Becoming Hotbed Tor Terrorism

A UK intelligence official on Monday said that Afghanistan is on verge of becoming a hotbed for terrorist groups as recently Islamic State (ISIS) loyalists were caught while trying to enter the country.

The head of UK’s domestic intelligence service (MI5), Ken McCallum, said they have solid evidence that terrorist groups are planning to regroup in Afghanistan and recruits are travelling to join them.

On February 09, a British man was among two suspected ISIS fighters who were arrested by the Taliban at the border crossing between Afghanistan and Uzbekistan.

The suspects, one was carrying a British passport, and the other had documents from another European country, had tried to enter Afghanistan through Hiaratain town.

They were carrying more than £10,000 in cash, military fatigues, and night-vision goggles in their bags.

McCallum had recently said that the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan would give a “morale boost” to extremists in the UK and that terrorist groups would begin “reconstituting themselves within Afghanistan and projecting the threat back at the West including the UK.”

McCallum also said they have seen some individuals are willing to go to Afghanistan, but said they are very vigilant.  

ISIS, also known as Daesh extremist group is well known for its atrocity and blooding suicide bombings that killed and wounded hundreds of Afghans.

In August, Daesh claimed responsibility for two suicide bombings near Kabul International Airport in which over 170 Afghans were killed and 13 US forces, which were helping to evacuate the vulnerable Afghans, lost their lives.

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