Two Women Jailed For Forging Documents, Insulting Guard In UAE

A 31-year-old African woman and a 43-year-old Arab woman have been sentenced to six months in jail each for forging travel documents and insulting a building guard in Al Nahda locality in Dubai, largest city in the United Arab Emirates.

Dubai Criminal Court announced the verdict against an African woman who attempted to travel back home with a forged emergency travel document. She will face deportation after serving her jail terms.

The court said the passport officer in Dubai International Airport had found that the documents belonged to another woman. 

During the investigation, the African lady, whose name is not mentioned, confirmed that she lost her passport and was unable to pay an overstay fine.

Meanwhile, an Arab woman, whose name is not mentioned, was given six months prison term for hurling racist comments at a building guard in Al Nahda, also making anti-religious remarks.

Khaleej Times reported that she approached an on-duty guard and asked him to break down the door of a room, while he was offering morning prayers.

The guard told Public Production that the suspect went back to his room after he explained to her that he does not have the authority to break down the door.

After five minutes the suspect returned and started to harass the guard. “She pushed me several times before hitting me on the head, and she also insulted my religion,” the guard said, while all the scenes were recorded in CCTV cameras.

The suspect also went to the reception of the building and destroyed three medium-sized CCTV monitors, the guard said, adding he called the police immediately resulting in her arrest.

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