Iraqi Forces Arrest an ISIS Leader In North-East of Syria

Iraqi security forces have reportedly arrested a top Islamic State (ISIS) or Daesh leader in the countryside of Al-Hasakah, one of fourteen governorates of Syria located in northeastern of the war-hit country/

According to Athar Press, the Iraqi army forces stormed a house near the village of Al-Rawda Al-Hasakah and detained ISIS leader identified as Abu Muhammad Al-Urduni, along with his 12 loyalists.

Iraqi helicopters had dropped the army forces in the village but there is no specific date when the operation was conducted.

The detained Urduni is said to have played a key role in the recent prison-break assault in Syria, in which hundreds of people were killed and wounded.

Urduni was suspected of leading the recent ISIS assault on Al-Hasakah Prisoner in Syria after a number of terrorists stormed the compound to free their hundred comrades.

Soon after the attack, ISIS militants in a video recording had vowed to continue fighting against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

Urduni was able to escape from the prison with another ISIS leader named Abu Ali-Biski, the outlet said, adding both are now under the custody of Iraqi forces.

The government of Iraq did not comment on the operation so far.

Last month, ISIS killed eleven members of the Iraqi security force in a pre-dawn attack in their army post in Diyala province, it was the deadliest attack since the proclamation of ISIS defeat in Iraq.

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