Israel Says It Hit Syrian Military Base Used by Iranian Militias

Israel launched strikes against targets in Syria on early Thursday, hitting a military base used by the Iranian militias in the town of Zakiyah, south of Damascus.

The Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) confirmed Israeli strikes which were conducted from the Golan Heights that targeted several points in the vicinity of Zakiya town.

Quoting a military source, SANA reported that the “Israeli enemy launched an aerial aggression with a number of ground-to-ground missiles from the direction of the occupied Syrian Golan.”

The assault caused some material damages in the area, the source added.

Meanwhile, Israel’s Channel 12 news quoted a local journalist who said that the strikes targeted a Syrian military camp used by Iranian militias.

Furthermore, SANA reported the death of two helicopter crew members of the Syrian Arab Army in an urgent landing over the coastal region as their plane came under a technical defect.

“During a training mission on Thursday, one of the helicopters of the Syrian Arab Army came under technical defect,” the outlet said, adding three other were survived in the incident.

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