Russian Envoy Scoffs At Wednesday Invasion Allegations

Russia’s envoy to the EU, Vladimir Chizhov has shot down rumors regarding the invasion of Ukraine on February 16.

“As far as Russia is concerned, I can assure you that there will be no attack this Wednesday. There will be no escalation in the coming week either, or in the week after that, or in the coming month,” said Chizov. 

Chizov’s response came after the US military claimed that a Russian attack could come as early as Wednesday last Monday. 

“Wars in Europe rarely start on a Wednesday,” explained Chizhov.

Russia announced last Tuesday that it was recalling troops from Ukraine’s border while NATO defended that they were increasing its troop presence on the Ukrainian border.

“When you make allegations, especially very serious allegations against Russia, you also have a responsibility to present evidence. Otherwise, it’s slander. So where’s the evidence?” said Chizhov.

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