Finland Raise Alert Level

The Finnish army announced on Tuesday, a second alert level on the four-point internal security scale, reassuring the public it was not related to a direct threat to the country.

According to Colonel Torsti Astren, spokesman for the armed forces, the increase in the alert level, which took place several times in the past, is not related to a direct threat to the safety of personnel, maneuvers, or to increasing the combat readiness of the military.

In recent days, the level of threat and readiness has been raised in police units, due to the increased risk of a potential attack directed against officers or police stations.

According to local media, specific security measures have been introduced in connection with the use of explosives or machine guns against the police. 

In the Helsinki region and larger cities, armored vehicles have been positioned in front of police units.

The officers said they were instructed to wear personal protective equipment, including bulletproof vests. 

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