UK Can’t Commit Taking Refugees In Case Of Ukraine-Russia War: Official

UK Foreign Secretary Liz Truss on Tuesday said that her country can’t make any commitments regarding the possible inflow of refugees in case of a flare-up of war between Ukraine and Russia.

Truss said the risk of Russia invading Ukraine once again is “very high” and war could be “imminent”.

Speaking to Times Radio, Truss said the UK didn’t believe Russian President Vladimir Putin had yet made up his mind about whether to attack Ukraine, but if so, it could cause huge damage for both the people of Ukraine and the people of Russia.

“This would be a long protracted war, which could also threaten the security of European countries”, Truss said, referring to the Ukraine-Russia possible war.

Answering a question on whether the UK would take Ukrainian refugees if Russia strikes, Truss said: “We are working on humanitarian assistance with other countries and with the international NGOs, but we can’t make any commitments about any refugees at this stage.”

Meanwhile, Truss said that Ukraine’s sovereignty and territorial integrity should not be undermined in any way, and also Russia’s denial verbally of not attacking Ukraine “is just simply not credible.”

“I judge people on their actions, not their words,” Truss added.

Meanwhile, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that there are clear signs of a diplomatic opening on Ukraine but the intelligence is still not encouraging.

Johnson said they are receiving mixed signals coming from Russia at the moment.

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