New Zealand Government Turns on Sprinklers and Plays Annoying Music to Deter Parliament Protesters

New Zealand authorities turned on the sprinklers and Barry Manilow music to flush out several hundred protesters who have camped out on the grassy grounds of the Parliament since Tuesday. 

The protesters against the COVID-19 vaccine mandates responded to the soaking from the sprinklers by digging trenches and installing makeshift drainpipes to divert the water.

On Saturday evening, as the numbers of protesters grew, Parliament Speaker Trevor Mallard ordered the use of a sound system to blast out vaccine messages, decades-old Barry Manilow songs, and the 1990s earworm hit “Macarena” on a repeat loop.

However, the protesters responded by playing their tunes, including Twisted Sister’s “We’re Not Gonna Take It.”

On the weekend, reports said about 3000 people joined the protest. 

Meanwhile, Wellington’s police district commander Superintendent Corrie Parnell said the lack of leadership among the protesters continues to hamper police negotiations because so many different groups are represented.

“We’re making some good progress there and we’ve got the best of the best in terms of our New Zealand police resource… in terms of negotiation teams. We’ll continue to use that and explore that as one of our key tactics,” Parnell added.

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