Father of Parkland Shooting Victim Climbs Crane in Washington DC

The father of a Parkland shooting victim has climbed a construction crane during the anniversary protest.

Manuel Oliver, the father of Parkland massacre victim Joaquin Oliver climbed atop a crane in Washington, D.C. so “the world will listen to Joaquin” and unfurled a banner with his son’s face and name on it.

“I was in DC on December asking to meet @POTUS . Today GUAC is with me making he’s own statement! So the whole nation can judge our reality . 150 feet high in front of the WH. Peaceful action. Police is on the ground!,” said Manuel.

Manuel reportedly tried to meet with US President Joe Biden and called on him to pass gun legislation.

“Since we were in the White House in December expecting to be seen by Joe Biden, our president. He didn’t receive us. We had to find a way to send a message,” said Manuel’s wife Patricia.

There appears to be no efforts yet to force Manuel to come down while Manuel has not shown any intent except to peacefully protest.

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